Breakthrough Waste Treatment Equipment URBAN RIG- so what’s Breakthroush actually?

Breakthrough Waste Treatment Equipment URBAN RIG- so what’s Breakthroush actually?

URBAN RIG is developed by One world corporation in Japan.
Everyone says “This machine is unique and impressive!” but what’s difference with other waste treatment machines actually?

This time, we’d like to explain a reason why URBAN RIG is called breadkthrough waste treatment equipment.
Once you finished reading, you’ll understand URBAN RIG is breakthrough equipmen

Normally, Waste treatment process is…

Before we start to explain about URBAN RIG, please let us explain about standard waste treatment.
(Of course, you may know these things. please be patient just a little.)
Wastes (garbages) are gathered and disposed by 4 kinds ways.

1. Burn
2. Bury
3. Recycle
4. Resource recovery

Amount of waste treatment is in this order too.
Then, why burning and burying wastes are so much, and recycling and resource recovery wastes are few?

Exactly, this reason is burning, and the burying process is just simple.
It’s much easier to burn and bury wastes than recycling and resource recovery.
It’s obvious to choose which process considering the simplicity of the process.

Let’s talk about URBAN RIG.

We state easy and straightforward process is better for waste treatment.
If possible, anyone doesn’t indeed to add more processes for wastes like separation or cleaning.
Now, we want to explain waste treatment processes by URBAN RIG.

1. Carry wastes into URBAN RIG’s furnace.
2. Start to operate URBAN RIG.
3. Wait
4. Finish and collecting resources from wastes

That’s it! It’s effortless.
The work of operators is just carrying wastes and waiting to finish the waste treatment process.
There’s no need to separate and clean wastes. Just carry wastes as mixed wastes.
Then, resources like carbon, oil, and metals materialize.

The simplicity of the URBAN RIG process is the same (or less) with burning and burying.
But URBAN RIG can recycle metals and realize resource recovery of carbon and oil.
It’s a great feature of URBAN RIG.

Continously, URBAN RIG topics go on

How was that? Could you think URBAN RIG is unique and breakthrough equipment?
We’ll continuously feed URBAN RIG topics.
If you have questions about URBAN RIG, please feel free to contact us.

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